Lucky 7's Explained - a Rewards Program for our Daily Competition Sites

Hi, we wanted to reward you for coming back regularly and entering competitions with us, so we've launched Lucky 7's just for you!

Lucky 7’s is really simple to enter – each day you visit us and enter a minimum of 7 normal free competitions in that day, you’ll earn 1 star. When you’ve earned 7 stars, we’ll automatically turn those 7 stars into 1 free entry for the Lucky 7’s Prize Draw. You can only get entries into the Lucky 7's Prize Draw by collecting stars.

You can keep track of how many entries you’ve got and how many stars you need to collect to earn another entry on the Lucky 7 page - located next to your account page at the top of the page. You can only collect 1 star per day and watch out because the stars will reset at the beginning of every month!

The Prize Draw runs for 3 months, so if you come every day and enter 7 competitions each day, you can earn up to 12 Prize Draw entries - the more times you come, the more stars you earn, the more entries you get and the greater your chance of winning the Prize Draw.

And watch out for golden stars - these are stars we randomly gift to people (because giving stuff away is almost as much fun as winning stuff!) and every week we'll be randomly picking some of you and sending you a golden star to boost your total for that week!